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The Order of Blood and Ruin by K. M. Shea

The Order of Blood and Ruin by K. M. SheaThe Order of Blood and Ruin by K. M. Shea
Series: Magic on Main Street #3
Published by K. M. Shea on April 5, 2024
Format: eBook
Pages: 495
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They used to be enemies. Now they’re partners.

I never imagined Considine Maledictus—one of the most powerful vampires alive—would go from ruling the streets at night to joining the supernatural task force just to become my partner, but here we are.

Considine claims he “fancies” me. He also used to hide his identity and pose as my charming next-door neighbor, so forgive me if I don’t believe him.

As bad as that is, my work life is worse.

My slayer identity—kept a secret since a lone slayer is an easy target—has been leaked by a suspect from a previous case. This brings a new level of danger to my job, especially since the suspect is obviously holding a grudge against me.

But I’m more worried about my city. Bad things are going down, and whatever is stirring in the shadows is more than I can handle alone. Can I trust Considine to watch my back when he used to be the biggest threat to my life?

And why is it that despite everything that has happened, a part of me wonders if it’s possible for a slayer and vampire to be together…

The Order of Blood and Ruin is the final book in the Magic on Main Street urban fantasy trilogy, and is part of the Magiford Supernatural City world. This series is packed with humor, magical fights, and a sweet, slow burn romance between a slayer who battles social anxiety and a vampire who is sick of his immortality.

Spiritual Content

A few references to souls are as spiritual as The Order of Blood and Ruin gets.

As far as magic goes, The Order of Blood and Ruin takes place in the Magiford Supernatural City world (also seen in Hall of Blood and Mercy and Court of Midnight and Deception), a world inhabited by wizards, vampires, werewolves, fae, and — until a couple of hundred years ago — elves. (There are dragon shifters in the world, too.) All of them have varying magical abilities (as described below). 

  • Wizards have magical houses and the ability to “bend the elements to our will — like fire, wind, water, you get the point — and fight or defend with raw magic.’ (Quoted from Hall of Blood and Mercy #1.)
  • “The fae are in a similar but opposite position. Since they have to use things to channel the magic for them, they can use magic for things like sealing powers, disguises, embedding a spell in an item, a strain of hypnosis, and so on.” (Quoted from Hall of Blood and Mercy #1.)
  • Vampires are typical vampires, except sunlight only makes them weaker and uncomfortable. They have enhanced senses and are faster than werewolves but not as strong.
  • Werewolves are typical werewolves who can shift at will. They, like vampires, have enhanced senses. (See difference above.)
  • Though elves aren’t present, certain elven artifacts and spells are around. Due to the elves’ ability to create magic simply by existing, elven items are extremely powerful and have varying effects.
  • Dragon shifters are the only shifters capable of casting magic.


Most violence in The Order of Blood and Ruin revolves around Jade’s job as a member of the Curia Cloisters’ Magical Response Task Force, including suppressing werewolves who were “attacking a dwarf on Main Street” and three fae fights (one leads to a kidnapping and one happens off-page), battling a dragon shifter (twice), and the suppression of some House Tellier wizards. Aside from that, there is a battle between vampire slayers and a group of mercenary fae, vampires, and werewolves and Considine and Jade mention repaying a favor by going to Iowa to “stalk ravenous vampires.”

Drug And Alcohol Content 

Jade thinks about making a Christmas cocktail,  Considine mentions drunk wizards and wine bars, and champagne and wine are consumed at a vampire gala, but those are the only references to drugs or alcohol throughout The Order of Blood and Ruin.

Sexual Content

There are 19 kisses between Considine and Jade: 6 descriptive and 13 non-descriptive.

Swearing Or Foul Language

  • Two uses of h-ll

My Take On The Order of Blood and Ruin by K. M. Shea

Finally, a Magic on Main Street book that lives up to the stellar reputation K. M. Shea earned with the first Magiford trilogy! I kinda wish she had split The Order of Blood and Ruin in half and used the first half to replace a lot of the fluff from book two, but, hey, better late than never.

About K. M. Shea

K. M. Shea is a fantasy-romance author who never quite grew out of adventure books or fairy tales, and still searches closets in hopes of stumbling into Narnia. She is addicted to sweet romances, witty characters, and happy endings.

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