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If you want book boyfriends to write home about, your next all-time favorite book, or to buy, read, and share clean romance novels with confidence and pride, you’re in the right place!

Addicted to Vanilla is here for all clean romance readers — from the weary and wary looking for insightful book reviews to the curious and hopeful searching for the best clean romance novels of all time. After all, our experiences may vary, but we share the same goals.

We're striving toward our happily ever after, a digital haven for clean romance lovers filled with the sounds of page-turning, story-swapping, and the occasional involuntary squee.

Hey! I’m Matt, the Dr.-Pepper-swigging clean romance lover behind Addicted to Vanilla (AKA The Book Blog That’s Been A Long Time Coming).

I’ve been reading romance novels since my sister handed me The Truth About Forever when I was 14, and — since books have to be clean at that age — I got hooked on them. 

But there was one problem: Most book blogs (even the few clean ones) focus on all the titles in a given genre, but sadly, not all novels are created equal. 

That’s why I’ve combined my insatiable hunger for sweet romances with the high expectations I’ve gained from years of experience to help you find books worth reading.

Every book I review has at least 5,000 Goodreads ratings – averaging over four stars – making them the world’s highest-rated clean romance novels. (So, whether you live in a retirement community or a house full of teenagers, you’ll have something to write home about.)

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Meet The Founder

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Matt Bachel — AKA The Champion of Equal Opportunity in Romance Reading — is a blogger and founder of Addicted to Vanilla, a website for clean romance lovers who “want book boyfriends to write home about.” Bachel started the company during the pandemic as books became “an incredible source of stress relief” (Fortune, 2021) during months of lockdown. While many websites focus on clean fiction, featuring everything from forgettable finds to fan favorites, Addicted to Vanilla focuses on clean romance books as swoon-worthy as they are shareable. Bachel has a celebrity crush on Blake Lively and spends lots of quality time with the world’s tastiest doctor (Dr. Pepper).