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Magic Redeemed by K. M. Shea

Magic Redeemed by K. M. SheaMagic Redeemed by K. M. Shea
Series: Hall of Blood and Mercy #2
Published by K. M. Shea on November 5, 2020
Format: Paperback
Pages: 288
ISBN: 9781950635085
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I thought life would be easier after I unsealed my magic.
Spoiler: it’s not.

I want to free my family from my traitorous cousin, but with all the allies he’s got guarding his back, even my new powers won’t be enough to beat him. My best bet is to use my parents’ signet ring to prove my claim of leadership.

There’s just one problem…

I can’t find it!

Things aren’t looking so good for my vampire housemates, either. As Killian Drake’s conflicts with the fae get worse, it's clear that war will break out soon if something doesn’t change.

Plus, Killian has gotten really weird about smelling me and invading my personal space. Every time he comes near my heart almost pops out of my chest, but I’m sure that’s just terror caused by being so close to the most feared vampire in the region.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

So, I’m a wizard searching for a ring while trying to survive living with a bunch of vampires and their deadly and suddenly touchy-feely leader. Yeah, life is definitely not easier.

Hall of Blood and Mercy is an urban fantasy trilogy featuring all your favorite vampires, wizards, fae, and werewolves. It’s packed with humor, adventure, and a sweet, slow burn romance between a vertically challenged wizard and the most lethal vampire in town.

Spiritual Content

There’s no spiritual content.

As far as magic goes, Magic Redeemed takes place in the same world as Magic Forged (the first book in this trilogy); a world inhabited by wizards, vampires, werewolves, fae, and — until a couple of hundred years ago — elves. (There are dragon shifters in the world, too, but we don’t see any in this book. We do see some of their spells and wards, though.) All of them have varying magical abilities (as described below). 

  • Wizards have magical houses and the ability to “bend the elements to our will — like fire, wind, water, you get the point — and fight or defend with raw magic.’ (Quoted from Magic Forged.)
  • “The fae are in a similar but opposite position. Since they have to use things to channel the magic for them, they can use magic for things like sealing powers, disguises, embedding a spell in an item, a strain of hypnosis, and so on.” (Quoted from Magic Forged.)
  • Vampires are typical vampires, except sunlight only makes them weaker and uncomfortable. They have enhanced senses and are faster than werewolves but not as strong.
  • Werewolves are typical werewolves who can shift at will. They, like vampires, have enhanced senses. (See difference above.)
  • Though elves aren’t present, certain elven artifacts and spells are around. Due to the elves’ ability to create magic simply by existing, elven items are extremely powerful and have varying effects.
  • Dragon shifters are the only shifters capable of casting magic.


Magic Redeemed opens with Hazel fighting Gavino (a Drake Family vampire) to improve her magic and combat skills; this is the first of many similar fights (all with different Drake Family vampires), but — although these scenes are usually more detailed — no one is ever seriously injured due to vampiric healing abilities. A group of Drake Family vampires subdues several guards when they break into a dragon shifter’s vault to steal the House Medeis signet ring, but it doesn’t get graphic. A fae commits suicide after shooting Hazel with a paintball. (The suicide happens off-page.) Near the end, Hazel faces off against ten wizards in a fight, but nothing graphic occurs. 

Drug And Alcohol Content

Hazel, Elite Bellus, and the Paragon all drink alcohol at the Summer’s End Ball (Hazel has a glass of champagne, while the Paragon and Elite Bellus each have a glass of wine.) and some “pompous wizards” “clinked champagne glasses and congratulated themselves on successfully manipulating wizard politics for the first time in decades” but that’s all as far as alcohol and drugs go.

Sexual Content

There are four kisses between Killian and Hazel: three descriptive and one non-descriptive.

Swearing Or Foul Language

  • One use of p-ing
  • One use of a-
  • One use of h-ll 

My Take On Magic Redeemed by K. M. Shea

With its enchanting mix of action, romance, and humor, Magic Redeemed by K. M. Shea makes a solid sequel to the equally great Magic Forged. You could even argue that this time, Kitty takes it up a notch by adding some sweet-but-swoony kisses to an already fantastic story.

About K. M. Shea

K. M. Shea is a fantasy-romance author who never quite grew out of adventure books or fairy tales, and still searches closets in hopes of stumbling into Narnia. She is addicted to sweet romances, witty characters, and happy endings.

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